Abandoned US Weapons Prototypes – AAI / H&K G11/ Steyr ACR / Colt ACR/ – Documentary


Abandoned US Weapons Prototypes – AAI / H&K G11/ Steyr ACR / Colt ACR/ – Documentary
This documentary shows the prototypes presented during the Advanced Combat Rifle program, this program had the aim to replace the US M-16 inside the US army.
NOTE: The weapons on the thumbnail is a PHASR rifle, here is a very good video about it: https://youtu.be/1DhEssy3NWw?t=2m7s

The development of the rifle G11 began in the 1960s, when the German government decided to replace the rifle G3 in use through more efficient and lighter weapon. The early studies led to the concept of a small caliber rapid-fire rifle using ammunition without case. So that this small arm has a sufficient stopping power, the weapon had to be able to draw short bursts and have a high capacity feeder. This new weapon called G11 was developed in partnership by Heckler & Koch and society Nobel . HK was responsible for developing the weapon while Nobel was in charge of the ammunition. The tests of the German army began in 1988.

During the two years of technical tests and field, a number of changes were made to both the weapon’s ammunition. The end result was the G11 K2, the second version of the G11. It includes improvements in the functioning of the parts and the ergonomics of the gun, inspired by the field tests. The initial ammunition which tended to trip all alone when the gun was loaded was improved. Regarding the G11 itself, the essential change involves the handguard and the beam which were redesigned to allow setting sets three chargers 45 cartridges each. This means that for a less than 5 kg weight, a soldier can carry 135 cartridges chargers already installed on the weapon. The central charger supplies the weapon and can be quickly replaced by a side loaders during reloading. The Bundeswehr finally opted for the more classic HK G36 in 1996 for reasons of cost and interoperability with standard NATO cartridge.

The Steyr ACR is a prototype of assault rifle dart launcher designed for the Advanced Combat Rifle program of the US Army in 1989/90. Although the concept of Steyr has proved effective, as most of the weapons presented, the whole program ended without any of the participants manage to achieve hundred percent better performance than the M16A2 , the main criterion of the program .

Credit Thumbnail: U.S. Air Force

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