300 Nag Anti Tank Missiles To Be Inducted Into Indian Army Soon


300 Nag Anti Tank Missiles To Be Inducted Into Indian Army Soon
This video shows you that 300 Nag Anti Tank Missiles To Be Inducted Into Indian Army Soon.

In a major success for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ in the defence sector, the longdelayed Nag anti-tank guided missile is all set to see the light of day in the Indian Army as 300 of the land attack version of this missile are going to be inducted into the force soon to tackle the enemy armoured forces.

Nag was one of the five missile systems planned to be developed in the 1980s by the Defence Research and Development Organisation under the Integrated Missile Development Programme (IMDP) and has been stuck due to one problem or the other.
“A high-level meeting of the defence ministry will consider a proposal to acquire 300 Nag missiles and around 25 Nag Missile Carriers (NAMICA) worth around Rs 500 crore for induction into the Indian Army in the next few days,” government sources told Mail Today.

The NAMICAs are the launch vehicles of the Nag missiles and can carry six missiles at a time, which can destroy enemy tanks and infantry combat vehicles from a distance of 7 to 8 kilometers.

Sources said the army will carry out more trials of the Nag missile as its requirement is of around 3,000 such missiles. “If the army is satisfied with the performance of the weapon system, it will place more orders for the weapon system,” they said.

After the NDA government started giving push to ‘Make in India’ in the defence sector, Nag missile would be the second long-pending project of the DRDO to see the day of light in armed forces after the successful induction of the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft into the Air Force.


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