10 Strangest Military Weapons In The World


10 Strangest Military Weapons In The World
10 of the strangest / strange / weird / weirdest military weapons / weapon ever built.

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Military technology is the application of technology for use in warfare. It comprises the kinds of technology that are distinctly military in nature and not civilian in application, usually because they lack useful or legal civilian applications, or are dangerous to use without appropriate military training.

Military technology is often researched and developed by scientists and engineers specifically for use in battle by the armed forces. Many new technologies came as a result of the military funding of science. Weapons engineering is the design, development, testing and lifecycle management of military weapons and systems. It draws on the knowledge of several traditional engineering disciplines, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics, electro-optics, aerospace engineering, materials engineering, and chemical engineering. However, some weapons are actually really strange / weird. In this video, we are going to look at 10 of the strangest / strange / weird / weirdest military weapons. These weapons are including the giant cannon Schwerer Gustav, robotic Big Dog, bats, pigeons, dolphins, vomit gun, hormone weapon, gyrojet carbine, the pain ray gun, and Project Blue Peacock.




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