10 Craziest Weapons Ever Designed


10 Craziest Weapons Ever Designed
When we think about weapons we think about guns, grenades and many other destroying things, but you would never believe that these crazy things where actually invented for military defense.

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The United State’s 2012 budget for the Department of Defense is a staggering $707.5 billion. For comparison purposes, that’s nearly $200 billion more than the gross domestic product of Switzerland. Where does all that money go? Well, not surprisingly, a large chunk of it gets siphoned to the overseas military operations in which we’re currently involved. A smaller portion, around $80 to $100 billion, goes towards research, development, testing, and evaluation of weapons. It’s from there we get all the newest and craziest weapons used in modern-day warfare. The private sector, in turn, has been keeping pace by developing equally high-tech firearms that have been demonstrated at firing ranges and gun shows.

Did you know that the Internet was originally invented for military purposes? It’s true. So too were cell phones and the Humvee. In fact, many of society’s biggest technology breakthroughs have been adapted for civilian use from their original military application.

Developed by the U.S. Department of Defense, the Personnel Halting and Stimulation Response Rifle (PHASR) is a non-lethal weapon designed to disorient and stun enemies rather than kill them. A light-based gun, the PHASR has been designed for use by both soldiers and U.S. law enforcement officials (police).

9. Golf Ball Grenade
Although not in use any longer, the V40 fragmentation grenade was used by the U.S. military from the 1960s through the mid-1980s and was distinguished by its compact size; the grenade was no bigger than a golf ball. In fact, soldiers used to refer to it as a “mini frag.” The grenade measured 2.5 inches high and 1.5 inches in diameter.

8. The CornerShot Rifle & Grenade Launcher
One of the biggest problems facing soldiers in combat has always been the ability to see and fire weapons around corners. This is especially tricky in modern warfare that often takes place in urban settings.

7. The Active Denial System
Another non-lethal weapon developed to help disperse crowds, the Active Denial System transmits an invisible electromagnetic radiation beam that creates a burning sensation on people’s skin—sending them running.

6. Digital Revolver
The Armatix Digital Revolver looks like something out of a science fiction movie, and a version of it was featured in a recent James Bond film. This futuristic pistol has a digital safety mechanism that can only be disabled if the operator is also wearing a special wristwatch that sends the unlock signal to the gun.

5. The Railgun
The U.S. Navy is developing an electromagnetic railgun that can fire a projectile faster than the speed of sound. Officially called the 8 Megajoule Electromagnetic Railgun, this shipboard weapon can shoot at Mach 8, which is eight times faster than the speed of sound, or 5,000 miles per hour. What could such a weapon possibly be used for, you ask?

4. Quantum Stealth
Remember the movie Predator? Remember how the Predator was able to use invisible stealth technology to blend into the jungle environment around him, and how when he moved it looked like the jungle itself was moving?

3. Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS)
With the help of several universities and high-tech companies, the U.S. Special Operations Command has developed a Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS) for soldiers to wear in combat. It is essentially a robotic exoskeleton that soldiers wear when fighting in a combat zone.

2. Sentient Unmanned Vehicles
In a page out of The Terminator, the U.S. military is now experimenting with sentient unmanned vehicles that literally think like their human creators. Over the past two decades, unmanned vehicles—or drones as they’re known—have become more commonplace with the military.

1. Vomit Gun
Remember the “sick sticks” used by police in the movie Minority Report? The sticks would cause anyone they touched to instantly vomit. Believe it or not, a real life vomit gun has been invented. In 2007, the U.S. Navy signed a contract with a company called Invocon to develop a weapon that uses radio frequency to impact a person’s sense of hearing and equilibrium.

The U.S. army is already using one of these new armaments in Afghanistan, while other fully functioning firearms and prototypes are patiently waiting to go into full-scale production. All of this may seem unneeded, especially as we remember the brave solidiers who have fallen, but these weapons will help ensure a larger number of our troops make it home. From digital revolvers to smart grenade launchers, peek into the scope and get a look at 10 of the craziest high-tech weapons currently used by our military.